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Certified Fire Door Installers

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Fully certified specialists in Fire door assembly’s and Fire door sets in Leeds and surrounding areas.

Fire doors and frames are an essential part of a building's fire compartmentation system and so it is imperative that they are installed correctly. UK law places an obligation on building operators to ensure compliance.

NJS Firedoors specialises in the supply, installation and upgrade of fire rated doors to meet current fire regulations and IFC certified. We deliver a comprehensive fire door service, including a wide variety of standard (FD30 and FD60) and bespoke fire rated doors. Our fire doors are fully tested to be 100% compliant with current legislation. We also undertake upgrades, repairs and maintenance for fire doors we have installed and are fully certified.



We’re your top choice for fire door supply and installation in Leeds & Surrounding areas.

  • Over 10 years of experience installing fire-rated doors

  • Work carried out by qualified fire door fitters

  • All doors are guaranteed to meet UK fire safety regulations


NJS Firedoors have been providing fire door supply and installation services to commercial customers in and around Leeds for over 10 years. We’ve earned a reputation for excellent, professional working practices and excellent, up-to-date knowledge on fire safety regulations.

We’re fire door supply and installation experts.
Customer safety is our top concern.

  • Experienced across all aspects of fire door fitting

  • Certified fire-rated and up to code installations

  • Clear and transparent pricing


We are experienced professionals. Whatever your needs, we can help you. Call us today on 01924 806343 for a no obligation quote.

FD30 & FD60 Fire Door Supply & Installation

An internal door should be at least an FD30 fire door. Should you need an FD30 fire door installed, we are able to source the correct fire door for you.

We are able to help you decide on the type of fire door required, and we’ll then also supply and install the door for you. Fire doors in excess of FD60 are rarely used, except for when trying to protect valuable property (such as data storage areas).

Fire Door Sets

Fire door sets refer to complete assemblies that include not only the fire door itself but also the accompanying frame, hardware, and any additional components necessary for the door to function as an effective barrier against the spread of fire and smoke. These sets are meticulously designed and tested to meet specific fire resistance standards, typically established by regulatory authorities and building codes.

Fire Door Assembly

A fire door assembly is a crucial component in building safety, specifically designed to impede the spread of fire and smoke within a structure. Consisting of various elements such as the door, frame, hardware, and seals, a properly installed fire door assembly acts as a barrier, limiting the potential damage caused by a fire. Fire Door assembly is more affordable option compared to the Fire Door Sets.

Bespoke Fire Doors – Supply, Fit and Upgrade of fire rated doors and partitions for Commercial, Industrial and Educational sectors.

NJS Commercial is dedicated to fire safety and safeguarding your property, so we make the process as easy as possible for you. We supply and fit new fire doors so that you have total peace of mind. We supply fully certified fire doors, door sets, fire rated partitions and glazed screens that meet all of the criteria required by law.

Call us today on 01924 806343 to discuss your requirements.

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